• GEFCO has developed winning strategies to help you with your international development, tailored to your specific market.
    From supplying factories to distributing finished projects and managing spare parts, we offer you international supply-chain solutions suited to your industry. All of this is supported by robust processes and excellent organisation, which allow us to centralize the supply chain engineering and control, as well as to measure performance and continuously improve processes.

  • Logistics performance is essential to the competitiveness of manufacturers and suppliers, with demanding requirements regarding reliability. As a European leader in automotive logistics, GEFCO supports you in all stages of your supply chain.From the supply of components to the distribution of vehicles and spare parts, we have developed a comprehensive range of value-added services and solutions to help you respond to market challenges.

  • GEFCO is an acknowledged expert in transport and logistics for the motorcycle industry. We have designed dedicated logistics services for 2Wheeler manufacturers, importers and dealers that meet the demands and constraints specific to this sector.
    We offer both a dedicated and shared user operation to suit your needs and provide the most cost effective and reliable solution in the market. We also operate a fleet of moffett vehicles and can provide reusable cradles to ensure the integrity of your bikes when they reach dealerships and end users.

  • As a player in the aerospace sector, you face complex logistics flows and need a reliable partner to manage them from door-to-door. Thanks to our customised solutions, our international network of experts and our track and trace tools, we can effectively respond to your challenges: reliable and secure inbound flows, repair logistics and after market logistics performance.

  • Sensitive products, short life cycles or significant seasonality: the characteristics of your business sector requires specific engineering and logistics. Experts in the supply chain of the electronics industry, we offer you global support, integrating optimised inbound logistics services, warehouse supply and retail distribution.

  • We offer competitive solutions, respecting lead times, security of flows and products, adaptating to market fluctuations and implementing alternative solutions: GEFCO integrates these specific requirements in its door-to-door solutions. As a specialist in FMCG & retail logistics, we guarantee comprehensive handling of your supply chain:  factory supply, warehousing and distribution.

  • Oversized, agricultural, mining or construction equipment: whatever your transport project, GEFCO guarantees you competitive door-to-door solutions, compliance with lead times and replacement parts availability. Our global approach to the supply chain integrates components supply to your plants, distribution of finished products to your customers and partners, spare parts logistics and heavy equipment logistics.

  • As an industrial manufacturer, you rely on your logistics provider to offer competitive door-to-door solutions that integrate the specific characteristics of your products in compliance with national and international regulations. With 65 years experience as an industry partner, GEFCO provides you with supply chain solutions that cover the plant supply and distribution to your sites as well as the management of out of gauge materials.