ENGINEERING, the key to your performance

The performance of your supply chain is at the core of our mission.  Enhancing your logistics schedule, while taking into account any constraints, managing operational and administrative processes and defining logistics security plans: that is what GEFCO’s logistics experts are committed to providing you with every day.

  • Our GEFCO teams are trusted by manufacturers to analyse their complex requirements and use their expertise to pool resources, never seeing borders or means of transport as limitations.

    We roll-out standard, customised and tailor-made solutions thanks to our expertise centre that manages all of your logistics requirements, with a focus on optimising your logistics chain performance and your overall budget. We also carry out feasibility studies across multiple countries.

  • Every day and for every transport schedule, GEFCO’s experts analyse the best options to optimise processes and costs, and adapt them jointly with our operational teams to your new challenges. Our engineers are also proactive in making sure you benefit from the gains made by pooling our resources (road, maritime, air or rail) and storage warehouses.

  • With our long history in automotive supply chain management, at GEFCO we develop 4PL solutions for manufacturers to take care of the whole logistics chain.

    • Encompassing every aspect of the supply chain,
    • Designing your transport schedules,
    • Optimising your logistics on a daily basis, line side, with input from specialist teams,
    • Mapping and enhancing the supply chain (developing geographic information tools),
    • Monitoring performance (Track & Trace, event management, setting and adhering to KPIs).


  • The quality of logistics services at every step of the supply chain is an essential factor in increasing manufacturers’ competitive edge. To offer our manufacturers the very best service, GEFCO has defined and set up quality procedures, which are strictly adhered to everywhere around the world.

    Quality management tools are used daily by GEFCO teams in the field to ensure continuous productivity improvements for our clients. Our quality process is driven by a dedicated management system that supports our organisation and business areas across the board.
    We proactively incorporate the standards, certifications and declarations of conformity required by our clients.​

    GEFCO uses common internal standards for best practices: our 400 business standards guarantee the same level of quality, everywhere in the world. External and internal audits verify that these standards are applied by all sites.

  • Because the quality of your supply chain relies on having real-time information, GEFCO provides manufacturers with efficient traceability tools.

    Our inter-connected tools will inform you in real-time, with every transport mode on and whatever continent it is crossing, on your flow of goods, adhering to collection and delivery times, transit times, punctuality, and delivery receipts.

    Continual monitoring of physical flows
    Our integrated information systems benefit productivity and add fluidity to exchanges between the different links in your supply chain, with the same information available to all.

    Customisable monitoring tools: GEFC@nnect and Automotive Portal.
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    We implement specialist platforms for our clients. The E-Catalog is an e-business tool for online ordering of personalised services for private and commercial vehicles.